Short Take: Ryan Miller’s 1955 Dodge Truck

1955 Dodge Pickup

We’ve said it so many times now that I’m not sure which post to link to, but that won’t stop us from saying it again: the greenest car you can buy is one that’s already built. That’s why we love stories of ultra-high mile Volvos and Porsches and why we love seeing people save things from the scrapheap in our Recycled Hawtness series. The truck you see here, though, is something different. It’s a true survivor.

Ryan Miller posted this picture of his truck to the Ram (nee Dodge) Trucks page yesterday, and it was so gorgeous we had to highlight it. Here, Ryan introduces it in his own words:

This is my grandfather’s restored 1955 Dodge. It was his first pickup he bought to do the heavy hauling on the farm. He homestead [sic] in southern Idaho in 1958 after he served in the army. We are thankful for all he has done for us and taught us. The farm is now in much larger and in the third generation of farmers.

Great work, Ryan – the truck is beautiful and you’re doing your grandfather and your planet proud. Keep that thing running strong!


Source | Photo: Ryan Miller, via Ram Trucks.

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