Tesla Model S Stars in Awesome “ORIGINS” Video

To say that the Tesla Model S has changed America’s understanding of what an electric car could is something of an understatement. Tesla built an electric car that was fast, capable, and desirable in an age when most people thought – and most oil companies hoped! – that, at best, an electric car was always going to be a glorified golf cart.

Teslas, however, get artsy fan videos like this one here, titled “ORIGINS” by director, David Holm. The video itself is introduced simply enough, with the following words on Cool Material:

“Men love women. Even more than that, men love cars.” While we might not fully agree with the line from Rush, we will say we have a little love affair with horsepower. Tesla captured a little of that infatuation in this short. You’ll want to hop behind the wheel immediately after.

Take a quick minute to watch a Tesla Model S blast across the desert in the video, above – and watch out for rattlesnakes!


Tesla Model S in the Desert

Source: David Holm, via Cool Material.

Jo Borrás

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