Formula 1 2014: “Magic” Paint Gives Ferrari 20 HP Boost

Ferrari F1 Engine Gets 20 HP From Magic Paint

Gas 2 is all about the future of fuel, bridging the gap between gear heads and green heads, and about green cars that don’t suck. We’ve seen a lot over the years, but – despite companies like Volvo playing with the idea of conductive body panels – we were surprised to read reports that the application of a new “magic” paint being used by the Ferrari F1 teams is good for up to 20 HP.

Yes, really.

That is the claim of Italy’s Autosprint, anyway, which is claiming that the Ferrari turbocharged V6 Formula 1 engines will benefit from a magic paint that “delivers more heat to the turbine”, and is good for up to 20 more HP than before.

The new paint, which is expected to be approved by the FIA, shortly, will make its debut at the sport’s forthcoming ‘power circuits’ at Spa and Monza. And, interestingly, the Maranello team might have to thank its diminutive customer for a fistful of extra speed- as the paint itself was initially tested by Marussia, which is doing a solid job of shedding its backmarker status on the back of Jules Bianchi’s strong drive at the Monaco race and the job he did out-qualifying Ferrari’s own Kimi Raikkonen at the Hungarian GP.

For their sake, let’s hope it works!


Source | Images: Motorsport.

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