2015 Ford F-150 Only Costs $395 More


With all the talk about the best-selling vehicle in America embracing an aluminum body, pundits have wondered what the 2015 Ford F-150 would cost. Now we have the answer, as Ford has revealed the new prices for its aluminum pickup, with the 2015 F-150 model costing just $395 more than the 2014 model.

The base model work truck, the XL, will now start at $26,615 (including destination charges), and the XLT will set you back $31,890, and the Lariat models climb $895 to a starting MSRP of $39,880. The top-of-the-line Platinum Model meanwhile starts at a jaw-dropping $52,155, up over $3,000 from last year, with the King Ranch slotting in slightly below it at $49,460, an increase of about $3,600 from the 2014 model.

Besides the aluminum body though, all the F-150 models saw an array of improvements, even the base model XL, which now comes with a 2.3 inch LCD gauge screen and a 4.2 inch LCD with the MyFord radio system. Two additional speakers and a telescoping wheel also add to the base model, while the XLT now has a Power tailgate lock and Boxlink bed configuration system as standard features.

The Lariat model gets LED bed lights, heated and cooled front seats, an 8-inch LCD cluster that replaces the manual gauges, a rearview camera, and power folding mirrors. The King Ranch models add LEDs to the taillights, headlights, and side mirrors, a power remote tailgate release, two 400-watt outlets, blind spot warning, push-button start, heated rear seats and steering wheel.

And if you shell out over $50,000 for your F-150? You get massaging front seats and rear inflatable seat belts, in addition to all those other goodies. Of course you’ll probably pay extra for the new 2.7 liter EcoBoost engine, though the 3.5 liter EcoBoost is now being heralded as the premium engine choice all around. I guess Ford figures it can make up the extra cost of the aluminum body through sheer volume, and while many pundits expected a big price increase, it looks like Ford has kept prices in check, making aluminum seem even more viable for the future of automobiles.

Christopher DeMorro

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