2016 Toyota Supra Hybrid to Get BMW 4 Cyl.

2016 Toyota Supra

It’s no secret that the next Toyota Supra – based loosely on the FT-1 concept shown, above – is being developed in conjunction with BMW’s next Z car. The details of the new platform that are starting to emerge, however, may be a big surprise to some. That’s especially true of what’s likely to be found under the hood of the new Supra: a 4 cylinder BMW engine.

According to reports out of Japan and Australia, the new Supra is also, definitely, going to be a hybrid.

Reports indicate that the new Supra’s BMW-developed, direct-injection turbo-four will be paired with new “super conductor hybrid” technology from Toyota, making the flagship sports car a plug-in hybrid delivering upwards of 350 HP (260 kW) in a lightweight, rear wheel drive package.

That relatively low output puts the next Toyota Supra in a performance class below the likes of the Chevy Corvette, Porsche 911, and Acura NSX that the nameplate once did battle with. That said, it’s also a full 30 HP more than the last Supra Turbo offered, which should make it a capable performer in its own right.

For all you Toyota Supra fans who’ve been holding out for the MK5, then, here’s hoping the BMW 4 has more Benetton in it than Mini Cooper.


Sources | Images: MotorAuthority, Motoring.

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