2016 Honda ACX Hydrogen Car Gets Rendered, Looks Good

2016 Honda AC-X

Honda’s successor to its original FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell car got teased in the form of the FCEV concept car that debuted in 2013. The concept’s wild styling was expected to carry over, to some extent, to the 2016 Honda ACX- but, Dillon C’s rendering is reliable, it looks like Honda could go in a more conservative direction and launch the car to a larger, more mainstream audience.

Such a move would mirror the hydrogen fuel cell efforts of rivals Hyundai and Toyota, who are bringing their own zero-emissions vehicles to market as 2015 models in the form a fuel-cell Tucson and the fuel-cell FCV that recently debuted in Asia.

Regardless of how accurate the rendering above finally is, however, one thing is certain: Honda is promoting hydrogen as the sparkling clean, water-producing fuel of the future, and has made moves to market the fuel and establish a new infrastructure on the back of existing gas stations in both the US and Japan.

What do you guys think of Dillon’s rendering? Do you think this is the direction Honda’s gonna go, or will they follow up the FCX with something equally wild? Let us know what you think in the comments, below!


Source: Dillon C, via HondaPro Jason.

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