Pocono Raceway Solar Farm Hits 15 million kWh


Conversations about renewable energy and IndyCar tend to focus on the series’ use and endorsement of locally-grown, high-octane, low-emission biofuels and E85 ethanol blends. There’s more to it than that, however, especially at the Pocono tri-oval!

First installed at the facility back in 2010, the Pocono tri-oval’s 39,960 American-made photovoltaic modules (or solar panels) have already passed the 15 million kWh mark – and are well on their way to producing a projected 72 million kWh of energy by 2030!

“It is amazing to see the amount of energy produced by the solar farm in this short period of time,” said Pocono Raceway President and CEO Brandon Igdalsky. “To put the amount of energy produced into layman’s terms, the solar farm has saved over 1,215,000 gallons of fuel. This would equal 121,500 trips from New York City or Philadelphia to Pocono Raceway in a vehicle, such as an RV (or large pickup) using 10 miles per gallon of gasoline … (now) when I watch the NASCAR Green commercial during race broadcasts, there is a line which asks Greg Biffle, ‘Go solar to power the sport?’ The amount of fuel we have saved (here at Pocono) would power the top three levels of NASCAR for about two-and-a-half seasons. So, I guess, we really could power the sport!”

So, in addition to providing returning champion and Gas 2 favorite Juan Pablo Montoya with a storybook win a few weeks ago, we now have even more reasons to love the “tricky triangle”.

For those of you curious enough to check it out the next time you head to the track, the Pocono Raceway Solar Farm can be located along Long Pond Road, and sits adjacent to Pocono’s storied 2.5 mile tri-oval. I’d try to call ahead for a tour, though.


Source | Images: Racer Magazine.


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