Infographic: Clearing Up Hydrogen Fuel Misconceptions


The battle for the future of alternative fuels is heating up, with the Toyota FCV priced and poised to take on the Tesla Model S. While I’m no fan of hydrogen myself, there’s a fair bit of misinformation still out there on the fuel, and at the very least companies like Toyota deserve a fair chance to make their alternative fuel vision viable.

That said, this chart is, at least in two areas, a less-than-fair to its primary competitor, the Tesla Model S. For one, the 300+ mile range of the Toyota FCV is compared to the 208 mile range of the base 60 kWh Model S. A fairer comparison would be the more-expensive 85 kWh Model S, which can go up to 265 miles per charge (though it costs $10,000 more).

The infographic also claims the Toyota FCV has an estimated cost of $50,000, compared to the $70,000 of the Tesla Model S. Toyota has said the FCV will cost about $70,000, though a just announced a $20,000 buyer credit for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Japan technically brings the price down to the $50,000 range. But there’s no guarantee that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will get a similarly-generous incentive in the America.

Other than that though, the infographic provides some insight into the many misconceptions surrounding hydrogen fuel. But can hydrogen overcome the many embedded advantages of EVs?

Source: Olathe Toyota Parts Center


Christopher DeMorro

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