Jaguar F-Type Becomes Glorified Bike Rack


The Jaguar F-Type is a car that oozes sex and performance, and it needs nothing in terms of aftermarket add-ons to enhance that look. Heck, altering the Jag’s street presence, beyond maybe some new wheels or a lowering kit, would be borderline heresy.

At least that’s my way of thinking, but what am I supposed to think when Jaguar itself turns the F-type into a glorified bike rack?

The Jaguar SpecOps division was tasked with making a 550 horsepower supercharged F-type coupe capable of carrying a pair of Tour de France race bikes. Jaguar has been a longtime sponsor of Team Sky’s Tour de France efforts, and even went so far as to build a pair of unique racing bicycles for the pair of professional riders.

The solution was simple; remove the rear glass, and install a pair of custom bike racks in their place. This one-off solution isn’t intended for production, though it also houses additional battery packs to power Team Sky’s suite of radios and other communication devices. Alas, no virtual windscreen either, though that would have been a nifty and useful feature as well.

It’s a unique solution, if not particularly sleek, and seeing one of my favorite contemporary cars burdened by a pair of bicycles isn’t particularly inspiring either. But for the well-wheeled bicyclists of the world, this unique F-type is the answer to a question only a few people have asked; how do I transport a pair of bicycles on my brand new Jag?








Christopher DeMorro

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