2016 Smart ForTwo Brabus Already Caught Testing


So there won’t be a new Smart Roadster according to Smart CEO Annette Winkler. That makes me a sad panda, but Smart fans looking for something a bit sportier won’t be disappointed. Autoblog posted these spy pictures of what they claim is a Brabus-tuned version of the 2016 Smart ForTwo, and it could with up to 120 horsepower, double what the base model offers.

Brabus has slowly improved its ForTwo performance offerings higher and higher, from a first-gen model with 74 horsepower to a second-gen model cranking things up to 101 horsepower. This was in addition to a sportier suspension and some Brabus aesthetic enhancements that set it apart from the Smart crowd. Brabus has plenty experience tuning ever in the Mercedes lineup, including a few EVs and hybrids (as well as the Tesla Roadster!) so I’m looking forward to seeing what this German tuning haus has in store.

So what’s on tap this time? Well with the top-level Smart available with 90 horsepower, Brabus will likely be aiming to push the power into the 120 pony range or beyond. A dual exhaust could also be in the cards. How will Brabus add an extra 30 horsepower to the tiny 3-banger engine under its hood?

I can’t wait to find out. For more pictures from Carpix, head on over to Autoblog.

Christopher DeMorro

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