LaFerrari FXX And Spyder Models Coming

What do you do for an encore if you have a 950 hp, $1.7 million dollar hybrid supercar? Add more power, of course, and then you raise the price. According to CAR Magazine, Ferrari is building a FXX version of its new LaFerrari hybrid. The engine and electric motor are reworked for an additional 100 horsepower, it will weigh less and feature more aerodynamic downforce than the standard model. Only 30 will be built, and they are expected to cost “considerably more” than the “regular” LaFerrari as well.

The interesting thing is, you don’t actually own a LaFerrari FXX. You can’t use it to pick up the kids from school, for instance. No, if Ferrari agrees to accept your money, you must leave the car at the factory in Maranello where it will be attended to by Ferrari mechanics. If you want to drive the car,  you must do so at Fiorano, Ferrari’s private test track down the street. Think of the purchase price as only giving you visitation rights with “your” car.

There is another option available, though. Ferrari will happily sell you one of the 50 open-top versions of the LaFerrari it intends to build, but you will have to be content with “only” 950 horsepower if you buy one. There will be no FXX variant of the Spyder. Of course, chopping the top off requires quite a lot of extra effort for the manufacturer, so the open air car will cost double, or $3.4 million.

Perhaps I should only buy two?

Steve Hanley

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