IndyCar 2014: Pace Car Spins in Toronto (w/ Video)

Honda Pace Car IndyCar Toronto

The words “embarrassing”, “ridiculous”, and “fiasco” haven’t been thrown around nearly enough during NBCSN’s 3 hour live coverage of parked IndyCars getting rained on in Toronto. Despite the ridiculousness inherent in finding “just the right shot” of rain falling into a puddle, however, there have been some amusing highlights.

For starters, the pace car spun and tapped the wall.

That’s right, kids. The pace car – and, no, it was not an awesome, real-life re-enactment of the incredible scene in Days of Thunder where Cole is told to go out and “hit the pace car”. The driver of the specially modified Honda Accord coupe simply lost control and locked up all 4 wheels.

Which, really, shouldn’t be possible in a Honda that has both traction control AND anti-lock brakes, but I’m not the guy who built the thing, so what do I know?

Once the pace car un-lapped itself and the cars got underway, kinda, Will Power immediately spun his 675 HP ethanol-fueled Penske Chevrolet out of P2 and into the wall, bringing out another caution and leading, eventually, to the red flag delay that’s on now. A delay that’s so boring, in fact, that I’m now watching the NBCSN sportscasters try to get Mikhail Aleshin to eat poutine.

FFS, IndyCar.

You can watch the pace car (shown, at top, during better times) spin out while leading the pack at the Honda Toronto Grand Prix deluge, below. Enjoy!


Sources | Images:, NASCAR42JPM.

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