Fat n’ Furious, a Different Kind of Christmas Story

Tom Christmas - Fat n' Furious

“You don’t see a lot of fat guys on TV,” said Tom Christmas, when I asked him what set his new show, “Fat n’ Furious” apart from other reality car and bike shows. “We’re fat guys, so that’s already comedy. We throw in some food humor, too – someone’s always eating on camera. So our show is about making cars go fast, and it’s about making people laugh. It’s not drama. It’s not violent. It’s not angry.”

After watching the testosterone-fueled, tool-throwing antics of OCC’s Tuetuls for years, Christmas’ happy approach to custom car-building on TV is a welcome change.

The show, which actually is called Fat n’ Furious, revolves around Christmas’ shop in Youngstown, Ohio- which isn’t terribly far from Oberlin, Ohio, where I lived for several years. Long enough, in fact, for me to have run into the Christmas boys once or twice at the Summit Motorsports Park in nearby Norwalk.

“I’m sure you don’t remember me,” I said. “We ran Nissans, Porsches, stuff like that. You guys are into more muscle cars, right?”

“We don’t get into that stuff,” answered Tom. “We do American muscle. Not that foreign stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just not us. We are who we are,” and that’s one thing I can attest to: Tom Christmas (inventor of the glorious, jelly and spray-cheese donut) is absolutely the high-spirited, enthusiastic guy you see on TV. Loud. Boisterous. Picking, good-naturedly, on his crew. He’s the real deal.

As Tom and his crew create their own brand of Recycled Hawtness by taking discarded shells of cars and turn them back into something that gets driven and gets loved, he hopes you’ll come to agree. “I hope people will wanna watch the show because when they see us, they know we’re real. We’re not fake, we build the cars, we do everything with heart. We’re not about the money, always, and you’ll see that in the episodes. We want to do it with heart, and we’ll take a loss now and again to do a car right. We’re real, that’s who we are, and you’ll see that as you watch the show.”

Fat n’ Furious: Rolling Thunder made its debut last month, and is part of the Discovery Channel’s “motor Monday” lineup. Check your schedule for exact times.


Original content from Gas 2; Photos courtesy Discovery Media.

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