Jaguar Testing “Virtual Windscreen” Option For Racers

This year, Land Rover introduced a heads-up windshield display that lets drivers “see” through the hood to get a better view of the trail ahead, especially rocks and other obstructions that require caution while crossing. Now their corporate cousins at Jaguar are testing a “virtual windscreen” that projects onto the windshield, helping racers find the best racing line, braking points and acceleration zones.

There is even an option that projects a “shadow car” on the windshield for the driver to follow. and the system can put up a series of cones to help drivers learn proper car control. All this technology comes straight from the world of video gaming, where games like Gran Turismo have been letting virtual racers do this on their gaming consules for years. While it is very cool to have this option available, I have to ask myself two questions:

1. How many Jaguar owners actually take their cars on track?

2. What happens if the driver decides to activate the system while cruising the interstate?

I think in this case, Jaguar has answered a question no one is asking. Then again, this might increase the curb appeal of an aging brand to a new generation of buyers. Bringing video game features into the real world of racing is a compelling idea, but does it diminish the appreciation for true driving skill?


Steve Hanley

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