2015 Westfalia Camper, by Mercedes-Benz

2015 Mercedes Camper Van

Meet the new for 2015 Westfalia Marco Polo. Built on the new Mercedes-Benz Vito passenger vans, the Marco Polo is a compact live-in van designed to blend practicality with a Mercedes-level of comfort and elegance.

As the Sprinter’s “little brother”, the MB Vito platform is more than up to the challenge of hauling around a few cabinets and mattresses – and the ones in the Westfalia Marco Polo are definitely up to the challenge of wearing the legendary three-pointed star.

When vertical, the rear “love seat” in the back of the 2015 Westfalia Marco Polo is a plush, luxurious affair that slides into single- and double-bed sleeping configurations with the push of a button. The love seat has individually adjustable backrests for both lucky passengers, and electro-pneumatically inflatable side bolsters that provide lateral and lumbar support in sitting mode and automatically “flatten” out the surface in bed mode. The “pop up” roof holds an additional two-sleeper foam mattress for, ostensibly, the driver and front-seat passenger.

On the driver’s side of the cabin, the new Westfalia Marco Polo has a kitchen unit with dual-burner stovetop, sink and 10.6 gallon (40 liter) top-loading refrigerator, all with impact-resistant glass capping off the high-end cabinet work. When it’s time to eat, a folding table attached to the kitchenette slides out from its folded position, and the two front seats swivel ’round.

Yes, just like the old VW Westys. Even though it’s not a VW.

The Westfalia Marco Polo is available with a number of four-cylinder turbo diesel engine levels and interior trims, but the hot setup is the 190 HP/325 lb-ft that Mercedes claims is good for 39 MPG (Euro cycle). Pair that engine up with the yacht-style teak flooring and light leather interior (shown, below), and you’ve got yourself a winner.


Source | Images: Daimler, via Gizmag.

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