Ford Focus ST Diesel Breaks Cover At Goodwood


What has 183 HP, 4 doors (plus a hatch), gets 63 mpg and goes from 0-60 in 8 seconds? The answer is the newly announced Ford Focus ST Diesel, which premiered recently at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

While Ford’s new oil burner might not be as quick as the 252 HP gas-powered Focus ST, it is still a very enticing package that is meant to go head to head with the Volkswagen GTD. To do so, Ford has added new springs and dampers to the Focus ST, along with quicker variable ratio steering. The traction control and torque vectoring software has been tweaked as well to provide a better driving experience. Keen observers, meanwhile, will notice the front of the car has been freshened with a new hood, new headlight treatment and a bigger grille. A revised body kit gives the car a beefier, more aggressive look.

In addition to making 183 HP, Ford’s 2.0 liter TDCi turbo four cylinder cranks out 295 lb-ft of torque thanks to a remapped ECU, revised air intake system and new sports exhaust. It wasn’t that long ago that people would laugh it you said “sports exhaust” and “diesel” in the same sentence. But the automotive universe is changing quickly as drivers search for great fuel economy along with high performance.

Traditionally, the European fuel economy numbers are significantly higher than US ratings but the diesel Focus ST should still be capable of 50 MPG or better in the US. Will Ford have the courage to being the diesel Focus ST stateside? That is the question American hot hatch enthusiasts want answered.


Steve Hanley

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