2015 Jaguar, Land Rover Ingenium Engines Revealed


Given carte blanche to design a new engine, Jaguar Land Rover engineers have developed a flexible line of motors called Ingenium. These new engines are light, powerful, and adaptable to a constantly shifting car market.

The turbocharged Ingenium engines feature an aluminum block that helps shave off as much as 80 kg, or about 176 pounds  compared to current engines. The Ingenium engines can also easily accommodate more or less displacement, and features computer-controlled oil and water pumps that only use as much energy as necessary. More impressively, the Ingenium engines can be adapted to both diesel and gasoline fuel sources, and can even be optimized for hybrid drivetrains (hint hint?).

These new engines can also be adapted to rear or all-wheel drive systems, and the modular design should make it easily upgradeable as new technologies present themselves. Reduced friction will help improve fuel economy, something that once wasn’t a concern for these British brands, though there’s also talk of class-leading horsepower and torque numbers as well. Combined with weight-lightening efforts displayed on the 2014 Jaguar EX Concept, the next generation of big cats and Land Rovers holds lots of promise.

The Indian-owned company isn’t ready to talk power or fuel economy numbers just yet though, and production of the first diesel Ingenium engine won’t begin until next year.


Christopher DeMorro

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