Meet Vito, The Mercedes Sprinter’s Little Brother

Mercedes Vito

Earlier this year, Mercedes introduced us to its the new V Class, the first minivan ever from Mercedes Benz. Now there’s also the Vito, a commercial version the V Class recently spied up close in these pictures from World Car Fans. Vito is sort of a baby brother to the highly successful Sprinter. It has double cargo doors at the rear in place of the V Class lift gate, but otherwise the two vehicles are identical on the outside.

Buyers will be able to choose between a short or long wheel base model. A high-roof version will also be offered, and the 2.1 liter diesel engine will be tuned to make between 136 and 90 horsepower, depending on the buyer’s needs. This entry into the small commercial van market will give Mercedes buyers more options other than the big and expensive Sprinter. With many companies offering smaller work vans, Mercedes had to respond in kind.

The Vito interior will be utilitarian and a variety of storage shelves and racks will be available. For those who like the convenience and maneuverability of a compact truck, Vito may be just the ticket. More information about the new model commercial vehicle is expected later in 2014, though it’s still unclear whether the rear-wheel drive Vito will cross the pond to America, or remain another forbidden fruit.


Steve Hanley

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