Chevy Volt And Harley LiveWire Have Something In Common

2013-Chevrolet-Spark-Jim-FedericoThere is a link between the upcoming Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle and the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid. That link is James Federico, who recently left GM after 36 years to become head of engineering and R&D at Harley Davidson, reports Automotive News.

During his time with The General, Federico held a number of positions, including chief engineer for GM small cars and electric vehicles like the range-extended Chevrolet Volt hybrid and battery-powered Chevy Spark EV. That puts him at the forefront of vehicular electrification, and makes Harley’s EV efforts seem that much more sincere. 

Harley Davidson will bring the LiveWire concept to 30 Harley dealers this summer so that customers can see and touch the prototype bikes, and maybe even get to ride it. Harley wants to get feedback from prospective buyers before green lighting the electric concept for production.

If the company does decide to move forward with the LiveWire, it will be former GM engineering guru James Federico leading the way. He managed to convince a lot of skeptics to try the Chevy Volt, but can he work that same magic with the biker crowd?


Steve Hanley

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