Video: Kimi Raikkonen Crash at the British Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen Crash - British GP

Shortly after the start of this year’s British Grand Prix, Ferrari driver and 2007 World Drivers’ Champion Kimi Raikkonen suffered a massive crash.

The Finn’s hybrid Ferrari went wide in a high-speed right turn, and bounced heavily over the kerbs as he came back on track, breaking the car’s suspension and steering, making Kimi a helpless passenger. The Ferrari’s nose hit the track’s guardrail, sending it into a spin which collected Williams driver (and Raikkonen’s teammate from 2007-09) Felipe Massa.

The crash did severe damage to the Ferrari chassis and the guardrail, as well, which took officials more than an hour to repair under a red-flag race delay.

As nasty as all that sounds, Kimi walked away under his own power (more or less) with a bruised ankle and a stiff back. You can watch the Kimi Raikkonen crash for yourself, below, and marvel at the incredible safety built into today’s Formula 1 hybrid race cars. Enjoy!


Source | Images: Motorsport.

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