Formula E Drivers Get Power Boost From Social Media

FanBoost Voting Form

Fans elect baseball players to the All Star Game roster, so why shouldn’t fans be able to give their favorite Formula E driver (hint: it’s Katherine Legge) a power boost during the race? As of July 1, fans can do just that by using the FanBoost link on the Formula E website.

Normally, Formula E cars are restricted to 133 kW (180 bhp) during the race. However, drivers have a limited number of power boosts during the race that increase the car’s maximum power output to 200 kW (270 bhp), which IndyCar and F1 fans will recognize, essentially, as the “push to pass”/KERS button feature. If a driver wins the FanBoost campaign, they’ll get an extra boost to be used during the race.

Votes will be tallied from the Formula E website, a special FanBoost app (coming in September), and on Facebook. The top three vote-getting drivers for each race will receive on extra 2.5 seconds of added power after the voting ends the day of the race, and the results will be revealed to the teams 20 minutes prior to the start.

Votes will be monitored and validated by Price Waterhouse Coopers, to guard against cheating or other chicanery … but, surely, cleverer campaigners and fan clubs will find a way around that. For more information on the app and the FanBoost program, check out the FanBoost guide on the Formula E website.


Source | Images: Formula E, via Electric Auto

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