Stephane Malka has an Idea to Make the Deserts Bloom


According to the UN, more and more of the Earth is turning into desert, bringing famine and dislocation to millions. Architect Stephane Malka thinks he has a solution.

Looking like something out of Star Wars, Malke’s creation is a nomadic, self-sustaining city machine dubbed The Green Machine that doubles as agriculture infrastructure, The gigantic tracked vehicle makes its own electricity and water and plants seeds in the desert to feed the inhabitants. Many people have envisioned floating islands supporting living colonies on the w0rld’s oceans, why not a mobile colony that makes the desert bloom?

Stephane Malka’s plan is just a concept, of course. There is very little likelihood of it ever being built, but he hopes it will spark debate and creative thinking about how to survive on a planet that is becoming more of a desert environment with every passing year.

The superstructure of the machine is lined with solar cells for power and an array of balloons to make and collect condensation. The water collected is used for the inhabitants and to irrigate the land beneath the enormous tracked vehicle.

Certainly no one can accuse Malke of thinking small.


Steve Hanley

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