Meet Michaela Cerruti, Formula E's Second Female Driver

Michaela Cerruti

Jarno Trulli, former Formula One driver and owner of TrulliGP has announced that Michaela Cerruti will join him as the second driver for his Formula E team. Cerruti is an Auto GP race winner, and will join Katherine Legge as the second female driver in the Formula E series.

ElectricAutosport reports that she gave this statement to the press:

“I’m very pleased to join TrulliGP and I am very honoured to be part of the FIA Formula E Championship. I really do believe that this series can help attract people to use electric vehicles and help care for the future of the environment. I’m now looking forward to testing the car to start this new challenge.

Jarno Trulli meanwhile had this to say about his new teammate:

“Michela is a very talented driver with a natural skill. I was impressed by her recent results considering the very limited time she has spent in single-seaters. I’m extremely happy to share my long Formula 1 experience with Michela to make our team successful. I’m convinced that Michela is an up and coming star, the one to watch for this season and the future.”

It seems like females are going to be well represented in the inaugural running of the Formula E, and will hopefully draw more of the fairer sex to the race track.

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