MINI Countryman Will Be Ready For Diesel In The U.S.

P90055077In just about every market except the U.S., you can buy a MINI Cooper Countryman crossover with an efficient diesel engine. Unfortunately, stricter U.S. diesel standards have prevented MINI from selling a diesel Countryman in the U.S., though that will likely change with the next-gen model.

Car and Driver reports that a MINI executive has confirmed that the next-gen MINI Countryman will be built with a mind towards bringing diesel power to the American market. As it stands, American emissions standards require the inclusion of a urea tank and SCR filter, which the current Countryman can’t support. With a new model set to debut in 2017 though, the unnamed MINI exec says it will certainly be possible to sell an oil-burning Countryman in the U.S….though that final decision on whether or not they will remains unsettled.

Hey, at least the option will be there, and the odds of a MINI diesel crossover are looking good. MINI’s owner BMW has committed heavily to bringing diesel power to American dealerships, and consumers are responding with gusto. The number of diesel car options has grown year over year, and I hope MINI enters the fray with an efficient diesel of its own. The new 2015 MINI Cooper brought a pair of new small-displacement gas engines, but no diesel despite rumors that MINI was planning a Cooper diesel for the U.S.. New work on rumored hybrid or electric versions of the Cooper either.

50 MPG in a MINI Countryman isn’t an impossible feat by any stretch of the imagination. Right now in Europe, the MINI Countryman D is rated at 64 MPG on the Imperial testing scale, which works out to about 53 MPG on the U.S. testing standard. Why wouldn’t MINI bring a diesel to America when diesel sales are increasing year over year?

Christopher DeMorro

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