Mercedes E300 Goes From Africa To The UK On One Tank Of Fuel

Last weekend was the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed at the English residence of Lord March in West Sussex, England. International racers and amatuers from all over the world came to Goodwood to test their mettle on the famous hill-climb, though just getting there proved to be an interesting story for one journalist.

AutoCar’s Andrew Frankel drove a Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTEC Hybrid from Tangier,Morocco all the way to West Sussex, and he did it in just 27 hours. Covering a distance of 1,223 miles, Frankel managed to get from Africa to England on just a single tank of gasoline, averaging an amazing 73.9 MPG. That’s freakin’ amazing no matter which way you cut it.


Even more amazing is that upon arriving at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Frankel still had another 100 miles of range left, according to the on-board computer.

He managed this feat by driving a Mercedes E300 equipped with the optional 80-liter, or 21-gallon fuel tank. Even so, Frankel had to cross mountains and encountered driving rainstorms during his journey, and he still managed to average a speed of about 45 MPH.

A car this efficient must be slow, right? While it’s no rocketship, the 7.5 second 0 to 60 MPH time is par for course in this class, and the top speed is rated at about 150 MPH. This is a well-rounded car all around that just happens to be capable of incredible fuel economy. Sometimes the journey is more interesting than the destination.


Christopher DeMorro

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