Tesla Taxi Services Pop Up In Norway

Tesla Model S Taxi

Norway offers substantial economic incentives to owners of electric cars, so what could be more natural than to purchase a Tesla Model S and use it as a taxi?

It’s currently the coolest car on the planet. It can run all day on one battery charge. It’s a hatchback, which makes loading luggage at the airport a breeze.  And it’s quiet and comfortable, something no one has ever said about a ratty old Crown Vic with 300,000 miles on the odometer.

There are actually several Tesla taxi services operating around Oslo, Norway’s capital city, where EV drivers have access to free charging stations, bus lanes, and free ferry services. All those benefits have made the Model S Norway’s best-selling car.

Next time I’m in Norway, I am definitely going to request a Tesla Taxi to take me to the nearest sauna.

Image: Tesla Motors Club




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