Katherine Legge Becomes First Female Driver In Formula E

katherine-leggeThe all-electric Formula E series will bring a number of “firsts” to the motorsports arena, and the series itself is already breaking down gender barriers. The U.K.’s Katherine Legge has been signed to drive for the Amlin Aguri Formula E racing team, making her the first female in the drivers’ field.

Legge’s professional racing career began back in 2005, though lately the British transplant has been here in America, specifically racing in the IndyCar and American Le Mans Series. She fills one of two driving slots since the team changed its name from Super Aguri to Amlin Aguri, after acquiring a major British insurance company (Amlin) as the principal sponsor.

Lady racers have slowly been pushing their way into the motorsports world, though Formula E represents perhaps the levelest playing field yet for a femme fatale to make her mark. This is a brand new series where everybody is driving the same cars with the same limitations, though Legge could leverage Twitter to provide an extra power boost.

There’s still plenty of room on the Formula E roster (which has so far confirmed just 11 drivers) for a few more ladies to join the ranks, and hopefully help broaden the appeal of this new racing series beyond the ranks of the good ol’ boys.

Christopher DeMorro

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