Video: Inside The Virgin Racing Formula E Team

In this video, driver Sam Bird talks about his first day of on track testing in the Virgin Formula E race car. One thing that surprised me was the sound the car makes on track – it’s different than a car running an internal combustion engine but not at all unpleasant. I wasn’t the only one surprised with how well these cars sound or handle though.

Another thing I learned from the video is that the cars will race on Michelin high performance street tires which are expected to last an entire race weekend. Race fans haven’t seen anything like that since Jim Clark used to race his Lotus Formula One car on the same set of tires for two or even three race weekends!

The teams are currently testing the car’s electronic systems. Recapturing as much kinetic energy as possible via regenerative braking will be key to winning races, so that is the area the teams are focusing on as they prepare for the first ever Formula E race September 13 in Beijing.


Steve Hanley

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