The Saleen Model S Integrates New Suspension, Lasers

teslarati-saleen-model-sWhen Steve Saleen announced that he would undertake a modified Tesla Model S project, people were excited and mystified. Saleen is well known for its tuning prowess when it comes to the Ford Mustang, but the electric sedan is an entirely different beast. What could Saleen do to up the performance ante of the Model S?

Teslarati was invited to a teaser track day, where they scooped a few details on the upcoming Saleen Model S. The modified Model S will wear a Bilstein suspension for one, as well as integrate laser scanning of someone kind. To what end lasers will improve the Model S driving experience, I don’t have a clue, but lasers are one of the few futuristic features the Model S currently lacks. I can’t imagine it has anything to do with self-driving, a feature Tesla itself wants to integrate into the Model S.

If Saleen’s goal is to make a track day car out of the Model S though, they have their work cut out for them. Tesla’s battery management system tends to limit power output substantially after a few laps of hard driving. Saleen is hopefully investing into a better cooling system, especially if they plan on increasing power output.

More likely, Saleen will focus on the suspension, and after a brief demo ride, Teslarati’s Nicolas Zart had this to say when comparing the Saleen Model S with their own Tesla.

We test drove the Saleen Tesla Model S on the track and also played chase with it in our very own Teslarati 48 race car, and can say the differences were astounding. The electric Saleen was fast. It cornered fast, pushed strong and the braking was radically different. It’s safe to say the Saleen Model S will be true to both of its DNAs, well engineered and race ready.

Whatever Saleen is doing, it sounds like they’ve done it right, and hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to get the low down on this race-ready Tesla.

Image: Teslarati

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