LaFerrari Blasts TopGear Test Track (w/ Video)

LaFerrari on TopGear Track (video)

With nearly 800 HP on tap from its shrieking Italian V12 and more than 160 available from its hybrid bits, Ferrari’s 950+ HP flagship LaFerrari hyper car is more than up to the challenge presented to it by TopGear UK’s vaunted airfield test track. Even if you know about the power and the sub 3-second 0-100 time and the 200+ MPH top speed and the carbon fiber chassis and all the rest and have studied the photographs, however, there is something really special about the sight and sound of the LaFerrari at speed.

So much for the notion that low-emission hybrid cars have to be quiet and boring, right!?

In this video, the LaFerrari happens to be one owned by Radio2 presenter (and noted Ferrari collector) Chris Evans- and the car is getting positively flogged around the famous race track with passengers who shelled out £1000 each for the privilege. It’s all in the name of charity, though, so good on Chris and good on the guys and gals who gave.

Enough of that, though. Here it is: the million-dollar Ferrari LaFerrari hybrid vs. TopGear’s legendary “Power Lap” circuit. Turn your speakers up and enjoy!


Source | Images: GTSpirit.

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