Ferrari F12 TRS – Not an Overpriced Hybrid, Just Overpriced

Ferrari F12 TRS

Last week, we ran a story about the much-rumored, $4.2 million Ferrari F12 TRS super-hybrid that Maranello was building for a select few of its well-heeled clients. This week, we know more about the car – and it’s not an ultra limited edition, overpriced Ferrari hybrid. Instead, it’s just an ultra limited edition, overpriced Ferrari.

Of course, anyone who’s spent lots of time in a Corvette or on two wheels would probably argue that all Ferraris are overpriced Ferraris- but that’s not what we’re here for today. Instead, we’re going to take a look at what the F12 TRS is all about in real life, rather than the internet rumor-fueled Hy-KERS fantasy land that it’s been inhabiting until now.

Based on Ferrari’s ultra-quick $318,888 F12 Berlinetta coupe, the F12 TRS uses the same 6.3 liter V12 engine tuned to deliver 729 horsepower and more than 500 lb-ft of torque. In the Berlinetta, that engine is enough to get you and a friend to 60 MPH in about 3 seconds flat on your way to a 211 MPH top speed. The aerodynamics of the open-topped TRS aren’t quite as good as the Berlinetta’s, however, so I’d think any forays above 300 km/h (about 187 MPH) would require steady nerves and a relatively high confidence that your hair will stay attached to your head.

So, we mentioned the price of the standard F12, and I bet you’re wondering what makes the F12 TRS worth nearly $4 million more since, you know, you’re actually not getting the ultra-advanced Formula 1-style hybrid KERS system we all thought would make up that “TRS”. Instead, the “T” refers to the back of the car being vaguely “t-shaped” (really), while the RS loosely references “roadster” since, you know, the TRS doesn’t have a roof.

Yeah. I was pretty disappointed, too.

In any event, there’s your update on the Ferrari F12 TRS. It’s nothing special, tech wise, but it’s interesting insofar as it’s a lesson that money and brains don’t always travel together, and that you can’t buy class or style. Here’s some videos.


Source | Images: MotorAuthority.

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