Ferrari Aims To Cut Carbon Emissions 20% By 2021

laferrari_1Though Ferrari may not be keen on going green, the Italian automaker still plans on making a big cut in its cars carbon emissions. Ferrari has pledged to cut its vehicle emissions 20% by 2021 by employing turbochargers and hybrid technology.

The 7-year plan calls for V8 engines to utilize turbochargers and downsizing, while the larger V12-powered cars will get hybrid systems like the 963 horsepower system found on the LaFerrari. Ferrari’s Powertrain director Vito Dini told Automotive News Europe that;

“Our average CO2 emissions are currently about 270 grams of CO2 per kilometer. We want to use all the available technologies to reduce emissions by 3 percent each year, which means approximately a 20 percent decrease by 2021.”

Even a 20% reduction means Ferrari vehicles will still be among the dirtiest cars on the road, but its a step in the right direction. European emissions regulations are calling for most passenger cars to emit less than 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer, though Ferrari still deserves some credit. Since 2007, the supercar maker has lowered average car emissions by some 40%, down from a high of 435 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Because it is such a small (and wealthy) automaker though, Ferrari was able to negotiate its own carbon emissions targets, proving once again that money does buy special treatment. Ferrari says its only fair, as it is chasing the same percentage reduction in emissions, and since there are relatively few of them on the roads, a few extra grams of CO2 isn’t going to tip the balance of climate change one way or another.

To get to their emissions reductions targets, all future Ferrari V8s will be turbocharged, while hybrid drivetrains are used on the bigger V12s, which aren’t as welcoming to turbocharging. It comes down to a lack of space in what are increasingly smaller and lighter supercars, another area of attack in Ferrari’s emissions reduction war. Meanwhile, no mention of a V6 motor derived from Ferrari’s Formula One team. It seems that’s just a bridge too far, at least for now.

Christopher DeMorro

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