eBay Find: The Cheapest Tesla Model S You Can Buy

totaled-tesla-2The Tesla Model S is the hottest car on the market right now, with a wait time lasting months and an average transaction price in over $100,000. The must-have Model S is the P85 performance model, which offers a 4.2 second ride from 0 to 60 MPH and up to 265 miles of EPA rated range. But you’ll need to have deep pockets if you want to own one for yourself…or be really, really handy.

For sale on eBay is a totaled Tesla Model S P85, and though its being sold as parts, it still runs and drives, leaving open the option of many potential projects. Perhaps this is how I start that electric Buick Riviera dream project I was planning?

It’s still not cheap, of course, with an asking price of over $38,000. But this is a fully-loaded Model S comes with all the fixins, including the panoramic sunroof, air ride suspension, premium sound system, and even the rear-facing jump seats. The interior appears to be in fine condition, though the passenger’s side rear quarter panel seems to have taken the brunt of the accident. Suffice to say, this Tesla won’t ever see the road again, at least in its current form.

But theres a ton of potential to come from stripping it of useful parts like the battery pack, electric motor, and drive system. You could take that drivetrain and drop it in a wide variety of vehicles, something bigger, older, and bound to piss people off or make them proud. Depending on where you live, you might even be able to make it road worthy again. Hard to tell without a clear picture of the damage, which is what we have an imagination for.

What would you do with this totaled Tesla?


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Christopher DeMorro

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