Nimbus E-Car is a New Age Electric Microbus

Nimbus E-Car

Created by Brazilian artist and designer, Eduardo Galvani, the Nimbus E-Car is the perfect vehicle for eco-conscious (and frugal) adventurers who miss the old VW Microbus, but want something a little more, you know, electric.

The Nimbus E-Car concept is designed to be constructed out of lightweight carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium for greater efficiency. Further, the concept sports panoramic windows all around for optimal photography on the go, while offering on-demand 4 wheel drive, roof-top solar panels, and regenerative braking to keep the batteries charged up, no matter where your adventures take you.

Speaking of batteries, the E-Car’s power comes from a 130 kW (180 hp) electric motor to keep things moving forward briskly – and there’s also an on board micro-generator to make sure you get home from Machu Pichu in time for the next World Cup match. If you don’t make it home in time, however, that won’t be a problem, sine the Nimbus has plenty of conveniences for today’s tech-savvy drivers, including an on board wifi hub, lots of USB ports, and power outlets feeding the tablet mounted in the center console.

In addition to being an entertainment system, the Nimbus’ tablet controls the car’s audio system, lighting, temp control and navigational information. It also contains a digital inclinometer, altimeter and weather station.

My old Irish grandmother would say that this car has a face only a mother could love, but I think it is. Just. Too. Cute. I want one!


Nimbus E-Car

Source | Images: Inhabitat

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