Most Expensive Ferrari Yet is a One-off Hybrid

Ferrari 1-off Hybrid

Ferrari has been developing a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) style hybrid since at least 2012, when the 599 Hy-KERS concept first broke cover. Since then, Ferrari has remained pretty silent in regard to hybrids, adding only the million-dollar/not really a car LaFerrari Hybrid and turbocharged California T to its lineup. Now, however, Ferrari is preparing to unveil the hybrid you see here … just one thing, though, for those of you who think the LaFerrari is overpriced: this one costs over four-point-two million dollars. (!)

That $4.2 million price tag, by the way, makes the car you see here – expected to be called the Ferrari F12 TRS when it debuts, officially – the most expensive Ferrari you can buy new.

That’s assuming, of course, that you’re cool enough for Ferrari to build you one. That’s because this most expensive Ferrari F12 TRS isn’t being built by Ferrari proper, but rather by Ferrari’s Special Projects division, which is (so far) best known for building Eric Clapton a 1980s Ferrari 512BB-inspired 458 Italia that they promised would be his and his alone. That car is reported to have cost closer to $5 million than $4 million. That was a true one-off, though, and it’s believed that the F12 TRS (which is a one-off, at the moment) could be offered to other well-heeled clients, as well – and Ferrari’s recent application for an F12 TRS trademark from Italian gov’t supports that belief.

I’ve sent Fiat/Ferrari an email requesting a test drive. I’m sure that will be ignored with extreme prejudice, however, so until the car’s official unveiling we’ll all just have to stare, drool, and guess at what we might actually be seeing.


Source | Photos: Ferrari Chat, via WorldCarFans.

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