Zytec Shows Off 2016 LMP 2 Chassis

Zytec 2016 LMP 2 Race Car

With this year’s Le Mans race barely over, race car builder Zytec is already hard at work on its endurance racing chassis for 2016. Zytec plans to have cars available for testing in 2015 so they will be race ready the following year.

With Le Mans rules encouraging innovative power trains and alternative fuels,  chassis builders like Zytec have to design cars that are adaptable to a variety of engine, hybrid and electric propulsion systems. The company says its new racer will offer a high level of aerodynamic downforce relative to its competition, low ride height sensitivity, good tire wear characteristics, enhanced cockpit ergonomics, excellent fuel economy, and an optimized Le Mans aero kit specifically designed for the Le Mans race track and upgraded safety features.

According to company sources, the new chassis will conform to LMP 1 rules, which means it can race in the higher class with appropriate aerodynamic modifications.

Company founder and Chairman Bill Gibson told Race Car Engineer that;

 “The level of interest in the Zytek chassis has been tremendous of late, due to its continued on track success, its driveability and renowned safety record. The chassis business brings the Zytek brand to the fore and showcases our engines and electronics perfectly. We want this to continue and flourish and have made this important decision to go ahead with a coupe car that will maintain our presence in the sports car scene for many years to come.”

With Zytec’s reputation for building winning race cars, expect to see plenty of its chassis featured at Le Mans and other World Endurance Championship events today and in the future.



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