Google Developing An Apple CarPlay Competitor

google-infotainmentThough Apple was the first to roll out its new in-car operating system called CarPlay, Google is hot on its heels with a design of its own. Automotive News reports that an Apple CarPlay competitor from Google could be revealed by the end of this month.

The Apple CarPlay OS debuted in the Volvo Concept Estate concept earlier this year, showcasing a system that seamlessly integrates the capabilities of the iPhone with the Volvo’s infotainment system. Listening to music and using your phone’s navigation system are just a few features of CarPlay, which in the Volvo Concept Estate at least could also control the HVAC system and seat warmers.

Google isn’t sitting by idly though, and they’ve already worked to integrate key features, such as Google Maps, into a next generation of vehicles spearheaded by Audi. Rumored to be called Google Car Link, it’s been co-developed by the Open Automotive Alliance, which includes GM, Hyundai, Honda, and of course Audi, the likely candidates to get this smartphone-integrating operating system first. Google has also patented a hand-gesture control system for cars, something that could come into play with this new OS, and lets not forget about the autonomous Google Car.

The Google v. Apple tech war is spilling over into the auto industry, and nerds the world over are taking sides.


Christopher DeMorro

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