Chevy Volt Owners Have Driven A Half-Billion Electric Miles

2014-Chevrolet-Volt-003-mediumThough it can only go about 35 miles on electricity alone, Chevy Volt owners routinely go weeks, or even months between visits to the gas station. GM has crunched the numbers, and found that since 2010, Chevy Volt owners have driven a culmative half-billion miles on electricity alone. That’s because Volt owners regularly exceed the EPA-stated range of 35 miles, with about 15% of owners regularly going 40 miles or more on electric power. Volt owners, on average, drive in electric mode about 63% of the time, adding weight to GM’s argument that most daily driving involves trips of less than 40 miles round-trip. Volt owners who charge their cars regularly go, on average, 970 miles on a single tank of gas, more than three times the officially-rated range of the Volt with a full tank of gas. That’s about a month of driving per tank of gas, saving consumers on average about $1,450 in fuel costs. If you’re smart about it though, you could save even more. Basically, the Chevy Volt is as much of an EV as you want it to be, and for people who’s daily driving rarely takes them farther than 40 miles, the Volt could make it so trips to the gas station happen once a month or less. With a half-billion miles driven on electricity alone, that’s untold millions of gallons of gasoline that hasn’t been burned, benefitting the environment and owner’s wallets. I can’t find any fault with that.

Christopher DeMorro

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