Tesla Model X Reservation Holders Get Updated Note


Originally posted on CleanTechnica

Revealed over two years ago, updates on the Tesla Model X have been few and far between. Yesterday, Tesla Model X reservation holders got a long-awaited update on their upcoming electric SUV, with the first pre-production models set to begin production this fall.

As for actual production vehicles, the first Tesla Model X SUVs destined for customers won’t roll off assembly lines until “early 2015” according to Tesla. That basically means anytime before July 1st, 2015 meaning it could still be another year before any keys exchange hands.

Tesla did include some meaningful updates in their little note though, including confirming that all-wheel drive will be standard on the Model X…as will those delightful falcon-wing doors. Tesla also confirmed an optional third row of seating, as well as a fold-flat cargo area for storing and hauling whatever you’ve got, and of course the Model X will be Supercharger compatible.

Funny enough, Tesla included two images of the Model X with the note; one being the brown concept missing the side mirrors (another one of Elon Musk’s many battles to modernize the auto industry) and the other being a likely production version with side mirrors. Probably just pulling from whatever images are available, but it still makes one wonder if sideview cameras aren’t still in the cards for the Model X down the road.

Read the whole note for yourselves, and lets hope some of those promised updates come sooner rather than later.


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