Clipper Creek Unveils $395 Level 2 Home Charging Station


Clipper Creek LCS-20A plug-in hybrid is great, provided you have some place to actually plug it in. Until now, prospective buyers of plug-ins have been put off by the high cost of buying and installing a charging station at home.

Clipper Creek says it has the answer to all that angst – a Level 2 home charging station priced at only $395 and designed for do it yourself installation. If you understand the difference between a white wire and a black wire and know what the inside of junction box looks like, the LCS-20 is for you.

Clipper Creek president and founder says:

“We task ourselves to constantly bring the next level of customer value to the market, After an in-depth analysis, the ClipperCreek team realized a 3.6 kW station could be offered without compromising quality or durability through a combination of volume pricing, slightly shorter cable, and 15 Amp charge rate.”

The company’s LCS-20 charges at 3.6 kW, 15 Amps, 240 Volts. It features a weatherproof enclosure and a flexible conduit that’s designed to be easily wired into an existing junction box, with no assembly required. It comes with 22 feet of charging cable and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. An optional connector holster is available for $19.    

The company makes and sells higher amperage charging stations for those who need them, but the LCS-20 should meet the needs and budget of most plug-in hybrid owners.


Steve Hanley

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