Local Motors Has Chosen A Design For Its 3D Printed Car

Local Motors 3D Strati

Winners have emerged from Local Motors’ 3D Printed Car Design Challenge to design the ultimate 3D-printable car. A few months back, Local Motors began testing the logistics of 3D printing an entire car live at the International Manufacturing Technology Show. Over the course of the 6 day event, the team will print one of the over 200 designs submitted to the challenge.

Two winners have already been chosen as a possible base to the team’s final design. A designer by the name of Michele Anoé submitted the judge-favored Strati, a two-seat buggy featuring a single-piece body, which allows for optimal printing time, and removable seats. While the majority of the Strati’s design can be printed live, several aluminum and carbon fiber reinforcement features may have to be modified, unless the team plans on bringing in some extra equipment.

Local Motors 3D Strati Blowup

While the Strati was the judge favorite design, the crowd-favorite design went by the name ISF (Internal Strut Frame). The car’s open body design has a much sportier feel than the go-kart styled Strati with openings reminiscent of an animal skull and utilizes avian bone structure to maximize structural integrity and aerodynamics. A sleeker design usually wins the heart of the crowd but the judges must also decide which design can be 3D-printed in a such a short time frame with minimal modifications.

Local Motors 3D ISF
The Strati designs will have the honor of occupying the minds of Local Motors’ design team and providing a starting point for the final designs. Some features may have to go to optimize their time at the show  while features from other designs, like the ISF, may be added in but the Strati designs have already taken home a $5000 1st place prize and the bragging rights that come with it.

Source | Pictures: Local Motors

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