Video: the First All Electric Lap Ever Run at LeMans

LeMans 2014 is over, and the Audis have won again. There was plenty of history to be made by other carmakers in the field, however – over at Toyota, Kaz Nakajima scored the first ever LeMans pole for Japan, and over in Garage 56, the stunning Nissan ZEOD RC completed an entire flying lap at the Circuit de la Sarthe on pure electric power.

If you ignore the fact that the ZEOD RC’s transmission gave out just 24 minutes into the 24 hour race (maybe they thought that’s what the “24” in “LeMans 24” meant?), the team had a pretty solid LeMans- what with the electric speed record (300+ km/h down the Mulsanne straight) and the fact that its drivers, Wolfgang Reip and Lucas Ordonez, came up from the company’s Sony Playstation GT driving academy.

For them, it was a weekend of wild emotional swings. “Being at the wheel for the first all-electric lap was certainly an amazing thrill and very rewarding after spending so much time during the development of the car,” Reip said. “The race was obviously very disappointing but having got a taste of Le Mans now, I can’t wait to get back. This is an amazing race and I’d love to be a part of it again.”

You can watch that historic first electric lap – and that historic speed record! – unfold in the Nissan-produced video, above. Enjoy!


Nissan ZEOD RC electric lap

Source | Images: Nismo Channel, via Motorsport.

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