Rick Perry Drives A Tesla Model S, Really Wants Gigafactory

Originally posted at EVObsession

While Texas has been one of the few states to shut out Tesla’s direct sales model, Elon Musk’s electric automaker has made a few unexpected allies. Governor Rick Perry, has been doing his best to bring the Tesla Gigafactory to Texas so it’s no wonder why he showed up to his hotel in a Tesla Model S.

Perry tweeted the above picture, along with the caption that said “The only way to make this car faster is to make it in Texas.” Succinctly put, Governor Perry, though you should remember you’re competing for a battery factory, not a Model S factory. Elon Musk has floated the idea of a Tesla truck factory in Texas, though that won’t be until after the Model X and Model E debut.

It isn’t just about the battery factory though; Rick Perry has always tried to appeal to Tea Party sensibilities, and the notion that Tesla shouldn’t be allowed to sell its own product because of government regulation rubs many conservatives the wrong way. It is rather absurd, though the dealer lobby has managed to put many Republican lawmakers in their pockets. But with Rick Perry now firmly in Tesla’s corner, one has to wonder of Elon Musk isn’t planning another push against the Texas anti-Tesla legislation.

Or he could just cut out the middle man, and go for national legislation to end the tyranny of the car dealership regime.

Christopher DeMorro

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