2015 Mustang Gained Less Than Feared, Configurator Now Live


If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting with baited breath for the 2015 Mustang, even though you can’t justify the cost right now. Yet still, I can’t help but go and waste my time on the 2015 Mustang configurator, which just went live yesterday. If you’ve got nothing better to do than build your dream Mustang, you’re gonna want to follow this link.

All three models of Mustang are on the configurator, the base V6, EcoBoost, and of course, the V8-powered GT.  The configurator isn’t fully loaded yet, lacking crucial information like horsepower and MPG ratings, but you can play with all the available packages and options.

More importantly, Jalopnik got access to the 2015 Mustang dealer order guide, which listed the weight of the Mustang as much less than feared. Most models only gained on the order of 20 pounds or less, and even the heavy hitter GT model gained less than 100 pounds compared to the 2014 model. As expected, the EcoBoost model is the lightweight of the group, coming in at just 3,517 pounds with a manual transmission.

Meanwhile the GT with an automatic transmission comes in at 3,852, a spread of just over 300 pounds. Not bad Ford, not bad at all, and it leaves plenty of low-hanging fruit for a full aluminum makeover down the road, know what I’m saying?


Christopher DeMorro

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