Meet The EVSR (Electric Vehicle Sports Racer)

Electric Sports Racer

The world is about to experience Formula E, the first international motor racing series featuring electric race cars. But racing at that level requires tons of money – far more than the typical club racer can afford. Entropy Racing has the answer to that conundrum with their EVSR – Electric Vehicle Sports Racer. Designed to be a high performance full fledged racer that costs no more to own and campaign than similar piston engine cars, the EVSR can stand toe-to-toe with the best club racers.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Entropy brought two of its bright yellow EVSR’s (Fritz and Spark-E) to Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. In a race against 6 conventional Entropy Sports Racers (ESR’s), the electric cars spotted the others a lead at the start and still managed to finish 1st and 3rd in the 30 minute race.

What makes the EVSR’s so potent on track? It’s all about that electric motor, which makes its maximum torque at zero rpm. So from a standing start or when exiting slow corners, it is putting power to the ground while the gasoline engines are waiting for the revs to rise high enough to reach their peak torque. By the time that happens, the EVSR’s are long gone!

The Entropy racer begins with a square tube steel frame that is both strong and light and then adds two lithium ferrous batteries powering an AC electric motor rated at 160 hp and 200 ft/lbs of torque. It is designed to be a nimble yet stable platform that is ideal for novices and experienced racers alike. At Lime Rock, one EVSR was driven by IMSA regular Andy Lally,  When the team offered to tune the chassis for increased performance, Lally said the car was just about perfect as it was.

Entropy is committed to electric vehicles because they believe they are an environmentally friendly way to go racing.Their goal is to have a full racing series for its EVSR’s by 2015 which will open the door to all electric racing at the club level while also promoting further research and development of electric vehicles. The company says “Safe, dependable and environmentally friendly is all good … but fast is fun, too!” 

Couldn’t agree more.




EVSR Motor


EVSR Helmet

Source: AutoBlog | Images: Copyright Steve Hanley

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