Mazda2 Getting 1.5 Liter SkyActiv Diesel Engine


The Mazda2 will soon offer a 1.5 liter SkyActiv diesel engine in the Japanese market that could top the MPG ratings chart. With a suite of support technology, including start-stop and Mazda’s i-ELOOP supercapacitor, this little car is chock full of efficiency features.

This tiny diesel motor is about more than just MPGs though, as it offers as much torque as Mazda’s 2.5 liter gasoline engine, which fits with Mazda’s legacy of “Zoom-zoom”. The 1.5 liter engine debuted last year on the Mazda Hazumi Concept, a precursor to the next Mazda2. But this engine is definitely tuned for efficiency as well, with Mazda engineers chasing low compression as well as low emissions, and achieving both. This lean-burning diesel manages to lower NOx emissions without any expensive aftertreatment systems, keeping the cost of the Mazda2 in check.

The diesel engine isn’t going it alone though. Supporting systems include start-stop, the i-ELOOP supercapacitor brake regeneration system, and your choice of a six-speed automatic or manual transmission are all tweaked to provide the perfect balance of performance and efficiency. Mazda is committing to the idea of super-efficient combustion engines, and their next generation of SkyActiv motors could rival EVs in cleanliness. I know, right?

Mazda hasn’t cited any specific numbers yet, but says it should be amongst the most-efficient combustion cars sold in Japan. With America finally getting a diesel version of the Mazda6 (albeit one twice delayed) it’s not too far out to imagine a diesel Mazda2 might also make its way here…one day.

Christopher DeMorro

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