Stunning Volkswagen GTI Vision GT Concept Revealed

VW Vision GT

Last year, Volkswagen unveiled its tasty Vision GTI Concept that took the automotive world by storm. Then Sony asked VW if they would like to collaborate on a roadster version of that car to be featured in Gran Turismo 6. Sony and Volkswagen worked together to create the TDI Vision GT Concept, and then decided to build a real world version of of their digital creation And what a stunning car it is!

A supercar should look like its in motion even when standing still, and the Vision GTI Concept certainly does that. Based on last year’s coupe concept, VW sliced off the top, cut down the windshield and added slim side windows that mimic those found on speed boats. Then they dressed it in a red shade so vivid it would make any Ferrari envious. Powered by a twin turbo V-6 that cranks out 503 hp, the GT Concept rockets to 60 in 3.5 seconds and keeps on going until the needle on the speedometer is buried just short of 200 mph. Wow!

“The Vision GT project offered a wonderful opportunity to sketch out extreme ideas and design elements of the GTI that are portrayed as vibrantly, dynamically and emotionally as possible,” says Klaus Bischoff, VW head of design.

The car is downsized slightly from last year’s car. It measures 164 inches long and rides on a 89 inch wheelbase. Power to the 20″ wheels is fed through a 7 speed DSG transmission and 4Motion all wheel drive system. Curb weight is 3,133 lbs. Passengers enter the cockpit via doors that open forward and up. Once inside, they are cosseted  in form fitting racing seats within a carbon fiber monocoque inspired by Formula One technology.

Wouldn’t you love to sit behind the wheel of this one of a kind show car and take it for a ride? I know I would! Sadly there are no plans to build this lust inducing creation, although you can download the virtual version  for your PlayStation 3 later this month, along with other virtual concepts like the Mitsubishi XR-PHEV Evolution.

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