Ronax 500: Return of the 2T Track Bike (w/ Video)

Ronax 500 2 stroke MotoGP

Pound for pound and cc for cc, nothing beats a highly-tuned 2 stroke motorcycle. The baddest of them all was the Honda NSR500 that took Valentino Rossi to the MotoGP championship – and this one, from a startup called Ronax, is a dead ringer for Rossi’s Honda.

That’s by design, of course. Honda never let its NSR out into the wild for guys like you and me (and gals like Susanna Schick) to swing a leg over. Ronax, however, will happily drop a fresh Ronax 500 on your doorstep – all you need is to pay 100,000 Euro asking price (approx. 135K USD).

Now, before you start in about being able to buy a condo for that money, consider that nothing in the four wheeled (and probably the two-wheeled) universe is faster than Honda’s NSR500 the Ronax 500. Thanks for that goes, in part, to the bike’s 160 HP V4 engine and, in part, to the bike’s sensuous, slippery bodywork.

You can see the blisteringly fast Ronax 500 in action in this video, below, and (if you want more) head over to Asphalt and Rubber for a comprehensive photo-gallery of the two-wheeled beastie using the source link at the bottom of the article. Enjoy!


Source | Images: Ronax, via Asphalt and Rubber.

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