Chevy Spark EV Now Available as a Hertz Rental

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Originally published to EV Obsession.

Though some may deride it as nothing more than a compliance car, the Chevy Spark EV is among the most efficient and fun electric cars out there. Don’t believe us? Well if you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco, you can now rent a Chevy Spark EV through Hertz Rental Cars.

Hertz has a history of offering fast and exotic rental vehicles, all the way back to the original Shelby GT350H. You can also rent a Tesla Model S or Smart ForTwo Electric Drive through Hertz, though the Chevy Spark EV is technically more efficient than either.

With a 119 MPGe, the Spark EV is more efficient than any other electric car save the Scion iQ EV (which isn’t on the consumer market) and the leading 124 MPGe BMW i3. And the Spark EV’s 82-miles of driving range is competitive with other vehicles in this price range. One downside of the Spark EV is its relatively long 7-hour charging time for a Level 2 charger, but if you’re just renting one for around town driving, you probably won’t be going far.

It’s the latest offering from Hertz’s Smart Mobility vehicle lineup, as the rental agency is diversifying its holdings as of late. The recent purchase of carsharing agency ZipCar by competitor Avis could give them an advantage among increasingly car-phobic Millennials. Hertz has countered by offering more electric vehicles and hybrids for rent, and that could draw in the curious for a test drive.

What’s the next EV Hertz should add to its vehicle lineup?


Source: Hertz.

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