2015 Mini 5 Door Revealed (w/ Video)

MINI 5 Door

BMW wants to leverage the highly profitable MINI brand by offering a model for every possible buyer. But until now, there has been no MINI for the largest market segment of all: people with families.

Behold, then, the new for 2015 MINI 5 Door. BMW has stretched the basic platform 6.3 inches for increased rear seat leg room. And raised the roof about a 1/2 inch for more head room. Then they added a hatchback so folks can take 1/3 more stuff along when they go places.

It’s a MINI for ordinary folks with ordinary needs. Brilliant!

Mechanically, the new 5 door is identical to the rest of the current MINI models. It offers the same choice of engines – a 124 hp turbo 3 cylinder or a 189 hp turbo 4 cylinder. Either comes with a choice of 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission. Fuel economy should remain the same. Handling and ride characteristics should offer the same level of driving fun as any other MINI.

Since re-launching the MINI brand 10 years ago, BMW has introduced a raft of new models designed to expand the brand’s appeal. Now people have a choice of a roadster, four wheel drive, a compact wagon or a sports coupe.  But people with families who needed (or, wanted, anyway) 4 full doors in a standard-height MINI have been stuck waiting for this 2015 MINI 5 Door. With its arrival, the circle is complete. Here is a MINI for those who need a Corolla or a Civic, but who have a streak of Anglophile in them.

Some will complain that the 2015 MINI 5 Door dilutes the brand even further than it already has been, what with wagons, SUVs, and MINIs that aren’t very mini. Still, this new 5 Door should bring many customers into the MINI fold who who couldn’t justify owning one before. As such, I predict it will be a huge success, one that will have executives at BMW headquarters smiling all the way to the bank.


Source | Images: Green Car Reports

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